We supply the industry with overall water treatment solutions

We offer high quality products, service and training. With a good team spirit we want to contribute to increased capacity and dependability for our customers and partners.
We also strive to develop products that makes less of an enviromental inpact and through our knowledge and quality decrease the useage of these products.

Cooling water

The three different types of cooling water systems: open, closed and once through, often has totaly different problem areas and treatment methods.

Four problems that are normally associated with cooling water systems are corrosion, coating, dirt accumulation and microbiological contamination. These problems all contributes to a reduced lifespan, decreased heat transfer, increased water consumption, decreased cooling and higher maintenance and running costs.
IKP Nord strives to counteract these problems.

Object- & systemcleaning

Heat transmission losses in an heat exchanger can rapedly grow to be a problem due to lime coating or other polutions. This can result as in lesser effect and higher running costs.

IKP Nord offers a total cleaning of the whole system or separate objects such as heat exchangers or steam generators. The methods and the products are adjusted to every customers system to get maximum effekt.
We also offer to clean systems without stopping them.


Problems from boiler scale, corrosion, bottom blowing and high usage of chemicals rapidly leads to economical consequenses.

IKP Nord strives to find the best boiler treatment to maximize operational reliability and economy. A treatment can for instance mean the usage of products based on phosphate, oxegynreducing, alkaline or dispersant agents.

Water purification

IKP Nord offers customer based solutions to different needs of waterpurification systems and filters.

This can for example be a reversed osmosis system, water softener filter, ground soil filters, iron/manganese-filter or desalination plants. We also offer mechanical cleaning such as cartridge filter plants, coating filters in different sizes and sandfilterswith a felling chemical as a pretreatment.