We supply the industry with overall water treatment solutions

We offer high quality products, service and training. With a good team spirit we want to contribute to increased capacity and dependability for our customers and partners.
We also strive to develop products that makes less of an enviromental inpact and through our knowledge and quality decrease the useage of these products.


The productseries for cleaningproducts are called INChem Clean, and are used for different types of cleaning like system or objects.

Corrosion inhibitors

The productserie INChem Inh includes all of our inhibitors. Through adding only small amounts of the inhibitors to the processwater, the risk of corriosion or coating are reduced conciderably in different watersystems.

Surface active agents

The INChem Bio product serie stops bacteria, algies and fungi to establish itself in different water systems.

Dispergent agent

The INChem Disp products are dispersion agents that prohibits ions to attract and decreases the ions abbility to attach to each other. This prevents different coatings to attach inside pipes and apparatus and keeps the systems clean.

Hotwater/-steam system products

This productseries is called INChem Boil. The different products minimize the risk of corrosion and coating in district heating systems, boilers and steam systems.


INChem DiAir is a serie of defomaing products that are calibrated and used depending of the customers needs.

Flocculating agents/Polymers​  

The INChem Floc products, are polymers with different molecylar structures, charges and lengths in order to “tie together” particles dependent on the properties of the water and the particles in it.
After the polymer agents are used they can be filtered out through sandfilters or sedimentation.

INChem Green

INChem Green is the name of our pyraninbased product. This product is strongly flourescerant green and can very effectively be used as to search for leaks in watersystems and district heating systems.