IKP Nord environment policy

Water is one of natures best solvents and dissolves substances from both the air and the ground. When untreated water is used in plants and factories, it often leads to coating and corrosion in the system. We at IKP Nord have knowledge about the effects the water has on the system BEFORE, UNDER and AFTER the process.

We focus on the environment through constant trainging of our staff, coverage of laws and restrictions in our field of work and our environmental goals. Our environmental goals are customized to suite the customers process, optimizing it and enable a long and environmental friendly perspective. IKP Nord are certified according to ISO 14001 standards. Download the certificate as a PDF

Environmental policy

  • Seek for – in cooperation with our suppliers and other interests – to offer our customers alternatives of less evnvironmentally damaging products and packing for our clients.
  • Always keep us updated and comply with environmental laws and regulations, relevant to our business.
  • Inform our suppliers, customers and interests about our environmental policy, available on the web site.
  • Working with continuous improvements according to our established goals.
  • Continually improve our skills of our products and services in terms of environmental impact.

Benny Åhlund, CEO at IKP Nord
Approved 1 Feb 2001
Revised 8 Jan 2019